3Dimension Graphene

3Dimension is a company focused on the development of recycled and high-performance composite materials for 3D and 4D printing enriched with Graphene.


Charakterizácia grafénu Ramanovou spektroskopiou - Fyzikálne metódy v chémii a nano vede - OpenStax CNX

Carbon fiber and fiberglass composites have been proving for many years their ability to replace conventional materials such as metals, wood, and plastic in the critical applications. It is because the fiber materials have a better balance between their strength and weight. Graphene has the potential of improving fiber composites in a variety of ways. It has them ready for the upcoming industrial revolution.

Albeit, the fibers carry the most load in the composites, the matrix also plays an essential role in keeping the fibers together and transferring the load. Thus, an enhancement of the matrix would lead to the improvement of the composite. Graphene offers unprecedented potential for improving the resins used in the manufacturing of composite materials. Graphene infusion greatly enhances many aspects of the materials’ performance. Graphene nanoplatelets in the matrix inhibit the formation and propagation of the cracks forming as a result of shock or catastrophic load. The graphene-enhanced composites exhibit much higher fatigue and impact resistance compared to their conventional counterparts.